The Event Of The Century

presented by Friends Of Elvis to support Susan G. Komen® Kentucky
Get Ready To Rock

Where would we be without significant events?

The Friends Of Elvis 'Event Of The Century' is a significant event with a clear cut purpose, to build the largest virtual audience ever, reward the audience with exclusive entertainment, and raise funds to expand our services, including:

  • global breast cancer research
  • screening & diagnostic services
  • community outreach programs
  • treatment assistance
  • transportation
  • educational services

Breast cancer is a widespread and random disease, striking women and men of all ages and races. It is the leading cause of cancer death in women around the world. Every minute, a woman dies from breast cancer, somewhere in the world. That’s more than 1,400 women every day. The exact cause of the disease is unknown, and at this time, there is no known cure. With your help we will find the cure.  

Entertainment for the event is provided by 'Friends Of Elvis'.

  • Exclusive
  • Very Special
  • Very Enlightening
  • Very Entertaining

This is your chance to catch the excitement of an amazing venture into the thrill of rock n' roll history.

You will not be disappointed.

The close friends and constant companions of Elvis who were with Elvis from the beginning to the end come together in an original film 'You Wouldn't Let Me Die'. You will be charmed as they share their personal memories and first hand stories about their remarkable life and times with Elvis in this captivating gem of pure entertainment.

Susan G. Komen® Kentucky invites you to jump on board, grab a viewing pass code below, help us to help many.  

'You Wouldn't Let Me Die' is only available to supporters of the event, don't miss it, change lives, support the event.

Here's how. Get your viewing code, be a supporter and builder of the largest virtual audience ever by telling your friends. That's it. Let's win the fight.

You Wouldn't Let Me Die (the movie) delivers a priceless look into an ongoing epic era of American music.

  • First hand stories and accounts.
  • Exclusive footage.
  • Dozens of personal never before seen photos.
  • Exclusive home movie footage of Elvis with his closest friends.
  • Much, much more!

 Play time: 1 hour 36 minutes 

Two never before released tribute songs. Hillbilly Cat (listen) and the inspiring title song, You Wouldn't Let Me Die.

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Release Date

To protect the integrity of the event, avoid piracy and other bad stuff You Wouldn't Let Me Die (the movie) will be released at the end of the campaign. You can find release updates in the Announcements section.

Thank you for your support.

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