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The Greatest 'Rockumentary' Movie ever made about the friends of Elvis.

Get ready to rock and roll your heart out to over ninety minutes of personal memories and moments of treasure shared in this captivating gem of pure entertainment.  You will be uniquely enlightened in the joy of experiencing true first hand accounts, from an epic era of American music that continues to shake the walls and rock the world today.

The close friends and constant companions of Elvis who were there from the beginning to the end come together to bring you a real "rock 'n' roll" movie thrill. The movie 'You Wouldn't Let Me Die' is a film about the remarkable life and times spent with Elvis.

  • A rare treat of first hand stories and accounts.
  • Exclusive footage - you will see nowhere else.
  • Dozens of personal never before seen photos.
  • Exclusive home movie footage of Elvis with his closest friends.
  • Much, much more!

Plus: Two never before released tribute songs. Hillbilly Cat (listen) and the inspiring title song, You Wouldn't Let Me Die.

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Here's what you get with the "Friends Of Elvis" entertainment package.

  • The Movie. (Delivered on release.)
  • The Music. (Instant download of the Hillbilly Cat mucic pack.)
  • The Power to help us help more by sharing our site with your family and friends.
  • The Gratitude of many.

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Delivery method:
Music - Hillbilly Cat, Immediate download.
Movie - To protect the integrity of the movie release, avoid piracy and other bad stuff You Wouldn't Let Me Die (the movie and music) will be released at a date to be announced. Delivery updates will be posted in Downloads. We will also notify you by email when your copy is available.
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